Making Merry on a Boat: Advent Calendar


Paper Envelope Advent
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Even though we may very well be on land for next Christmas this *felt* like our last land-based Christmas and so I think that made us more into the holidays. I'll post a few of the ways we celebrated.

We started with 24 paper envelopes pinned to a ribbon tied to our grab rail over the salon. Each day was numbered from Dec 1 to 24th.

Examples of the fillings:
- LED lights to hang in the salon
- Many, many chocolates
- Instructions to send ourselves an email in the future using
- Trivia Pursuit cards
- A crossword puzzle
- Holiday drinks (Estrellitas, coffee with Baileys)

- Livia

6 months to go

In the spirit of "only 6 months to go" I spent a few hours over the last few days upgrading our website. We have a countdown calendar which is exciting because as I type this it is reading 180 days.

6 months to cutting the docklines - can you believe it? Now *that* is a Christmas present I can enjoy.

Tentative plans include spending the first year cruising all over from the Queen Charlottes to Seattle including the W Coast of Vancouver Island and the parts of the San Juans and Gulf Islands that we haven't already seen, or want to see again.

Then...south. Mexico. At least we think so. We'll be well into "playing things by ear" by then.


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