The Great Locker Insulation Project

RFOIL insulation project
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We are insulating all of our lockers with RFOIL (foil-bubble wrap-bubble wrap-foil).

Bleach wash down, followed by methyl hydrate clean up, RFOIL cut in sections and held down with double sided contractor strength carpet tape, insulation tape sealing pieces and sides.

Wish us luck in beating the condensation this winter.


Baby on Board

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Our first wee crew joined us this summer. She was handy with a winch. Oh, and her parents came too ;)


How do you know if you have caught a fish?

While we were off the West Coast of Vancouver Island and I was on watch, I felt like the boat had slowed down a touch. The wind was the same and I spent about 30 minutes trying to tweak the sails to regain the lost quarter or half knot. Carol came up and I complained to him that we had slowed down and he looked backwards at our trailing line and hook and yelled "FISH!"

I feel ready for some kind of zen master sailing award now (snort).

- Livia