24 June 2009

Wauquiez Rendezvous 2009

Wauquiez Rendezvous 2009
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Our spinnaker on a friend's Wauquiez Hood 38.

Full Enclosure

We recently had a full enclosure added to our existing dodger. I don't have a great picture of the full enclosure but here are the preliminary photos.

Our original dodger:

Dodger removed and bimini bars added to stern rails:

Dodger back on and bimini canvas added:

Dodger, bimini and connector panel - the plastic on the back is the fitting of the full enclosure:

Here is the full enclosure as they were adding the snaps on the deck. The extra sunbrella is still covering the strataglas at this point:

We'll post a finished photo later.

19 June 2009

Aft cabin

Scoping out the inverter install
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This is our spacious aft cabin, recently cleared out and scrubbed to a shine. We have our first two sets of out of town visitors* coming this summer. Yay!

Carol is scoping out the installation of our new inverter...FYI ;)

*OK, my parents have stayed over several times so I guess these are our first fly-in, non-family guests.

Welcome to Canuckistan

Good bye Colorado Springs, CO - soon to be "Victoria".

The new hailing port will be centered in the remaining white space below Estrellita and to the right of the Hydrovane

Single handing

I single handed from Friday Harbor, WA across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Townsend, WA and then to Edmonds, WA. I left Carol at the customs dock in Friday Harbor after we sailed there the night before and cleared customs and anchored out in the harbor:

Here is the fog bank I hit in the first few hours:

I should have gone back to Friday Harbor and waited it out but I thought I would go "through it". Of course, there is no "through it". There is more fog. So with radar, my fog horn, and Navsim electronic charting software I navigated into MacKay Harbor. Here is the bank of the harbor from where I dropped anchor in fog:

And out of fog:

The fog lifted and I crossed the Strait anticlimactically. No wind and a sunny motor to Port Townsend where I dropped anchor for the second time that day by myself. I spent a nice night there and then motored in no wind to Kingston where I did a touch-and-go pick up of my father at Kingston and he helped me dock in Edmonds, WA.

Overall single handing was pivotal. I feel more in control of the boat and a lot more confident in my own skills. Although the fog was an unnecessary risk not to be repeated, it showed me how much I've learned about radar and navigation generally. I have a sense of where and in what conditions I can anchor by myself and at least "un-dock" the boat by myself which I did several times.

- Livia

Edmonds-Kingston Ferry

During my trip in the Puget Sound I sailed South of the Edmonds-Kingston ferry while my Dad was on it. The white speck on the bow is him.

Electric car

The marina at Kingston, WA has an electric car! You can take it around town and get groceries. My folks were meeting me with a car and I was almost bummed I didn't get to take this for a spin.

01 June 2009

Mount Baker from Strait of Juan de Fuca

Mount Baker from Strait of Juan de Fuca
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Livia's first solo "motoring" - Day 1 was across the Strait of Juan de Fuca (Friday Harbor to Port Townsend).