25 May 2009

Bed Head

Rebedding head port, originally uploaded by S/V Estrellita.

The port in the head was leaking. This weekend Carol pulled out the plexiglass and after a long cleaning process, rebed it with Sikki 295 UV.

We are now SUPREME

Manson Supreme, originally uploaded by S/V Estrellita.

We have a brand spanking new anchor - a 45lb Manson Supreme. We tested it out last weekend at the beautiful Sucia Island Marine Park in eel grass and mud and it set so quickly, so well, it was frightening.

We are looking forward to trying it in other bottoms and in less settled conditions. We oversized the anchor two sizes for peace of mind and safety. A 25lb is sized for 25-35 foot boats and two sizes up is the 45lb for 40-45 foot boats.

10 May 2009

Pirate band-aid

Pirate band-aid, originally uploaded by S/V Estrellita.

If you have a boo boo and you want to feel tough, there is nothing quite like a pirate band-aid.


04 May 2009

Portland Island

Shell beach
Originally uploaded by ontogeny

Summer has arrived in full force. We spent a weekend lazing about in the sun at Portland Island which is a marine park in BC. Fantastic hiking.

New kayak

New kayak
Originally uploaded by ontogeny

We love our inflatable kayak from West Marine so far. We bought the stiffer of the two versions, in a two person and included the backbone. It tracks well for an inflatable. We spent half a day paddling around "together" but with one paddle. Carol took it for a late afternoon paddle the next day.