31 December 2007

Happy New Years from Thailand

Ba-dum-ba-dum (this is our theme song for an elephant's walk)

Meet Pon, our new pet....wondering if she is going to fit in our boat.

Left Rai Lei (climbing area) for Krabi where we have elephant trekking (done), Thai cooking classes and diving on the agenda.

24 December 2007

Christmas 2007 from Thailand

Photos from our last few days:

Boob shark

Happy scuba diver

5.10c lead - Cowabungalow

Knee Drop

21 December 2007

Sunset at Ton Sai

I swear we aren't stealing post cards for our blog.

18 December 2007

Life does not suck

From the top of Groove Tube in Rai Lei (Ton Sai Beach)

We are staying in the trees to the left. We arrived by longtail boat (as shown).

10 December 2007

Port of Sidney

Carol met some swans on the dock a few days ago.